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Oct 16, 2021

Is Simply Bee honey certified as Badger Friendly?

Yes. Simply Bee honey is certified as Badger Friendly by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) under the the Badger Friendly Labeling Project. You will find the official EWT Badger Friendly label on Simply Bee honey jars.

Simply Bee explains that their beehives are propped up on stands. As we have explained here, this is an excellent way to keep honey badgers away without causing harm to them or the environment. The company goes a step further by featuring educational displays and resources on the plight of the honey badger at their Bee Observation Centre in Hopefield, Western Cape.

Purchasing & Packaging

Where can I purchase Simply Bee honey products?

You can easily purchase Simply Bee honey online from Faithful to Nature. They deliver nationwide.

Faithful to Nature stocks both Simply Bee raw honey, as well as their extensive product range of organic bee-related body and beauty products. As of July 2021, Simply Bee is the #1 best selling honey on the Faithful to Nature website.

Wellness Warehouse retail outlets located in the Western Cape, Gauteng, and KZN stock their products. Dischem is not a stockist of Simply Bee.

How is Simply Bee raw honey packaged?

The honey is available in glass jars, plastic squeeze bottles, and plastic bottles in the shape of a honey bear.

Simply Bee honey in glass is sold in 500g and 375ml jars. The plastic squeeze bottle is 500g.

How much does Simply Bee honey cost?

Price varies depending on the variety and method of packaging. Here is a quick summary on Simply Bee honey prices as of July 2021:

  • Raw Wildflower honey in glass: R105 for 500g. R83 for 375ml.
  • Raw Fynbos honey in plastic squeeze bottle: R98 for 500g.
  • Raw Citrus honey in glass: R113 for 500g.
  • Raw Eucalyptus honey in glass: R113 for 500g.

View the latest prices here.

Health & Environment

What makes Simply Bee body products a more healthy choice?

Here’s a few things that caught our attention:

  • No synthetic colourants
  • No parabens
  • No sulphates
  • No palm oils

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