Raw Honey in South Africa

Enjoy the benefits of 100% pure, raw honey by purchasing from our top picks of proudly local South African honey brands.

View Pure & Raw South African Honey

Unheated, untreated, non-irradiated. Just real honey with orginal goodness from the hive. Buy local honey; Supporting only South African apiaries.

Raw Wild Flower Honey – by Hoerikwaggo

Polyfloral Honey from the Footsteps of Table Mountain

Enjoy a taste of raw Cape Town honey from the various flowers at the footsteps of Table Mountain. Raw and rich earthy tones with a possible hint of local Fynbos. Because of limited seasonal wildflowers, savour on a different, robust flavour, texture, and aroma every season. A popular, all-round honey.

Key Notes:

  • Natural seasonal variety
  • Taste, texture, aroma and colour varies per seasonal batch
  • Raw, unfiltered, unheated, no additives
  • Cape wildflower/polyfoloral honey
  • Produced in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Raw Fynbos Honey – by Simply Bee

Sweet Fynbos Honey from a No-Pesticide Environment

This raw Fynbos honey is from a region in the Cape West Coast specically free from commercial farming. Bees collect their pollen from local plants that are not treated with chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides. Making the honey you consume  minimised from pesticides & other chemical traces. Thick, strong, and super sweet. Certified badger friendly.

Key Notes:

  • Raw, unfiltered, non-irradiated
  • Sweet, floral notes with a thick consistency
  • Honey from pesticide-free plants
  • Indigenous Fynbos honey
  • Produced in Hopefield, Western Cape, South Africa

Raw Orange Blossom Honey – by Hoerikwaggo

Choice Grade, Slighly Sweet from Local Orange Orchards

Sunshine in a bottle! Raw orange blossom honey brings in a super delicate citrus aroma and flavour from flowering orange orchard trees and Cape Town flora. Orange in colour, velvety texture, and generally a bit sweeter than many pure honey varieties. Learn more about the Hoerikwaggo Honey brand.

Key Notes:

  • Raw, choice grade, unfiltered and unheated
  • Slightly sweeter than most pure honey
  • Crystalises rapidly
  • Orange blossom with polyflora honey
  • Produced in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

Where can I buy raw honey in South Africa?

Pure and raw South African honey can be purchased from health shops, online stores, or directly from a honey farm brand and their stockists. We recommend Faithful to Nature for purchasing honey online, as they have a good range of reputable brands.

Apiaries are usually located in outer farming areas. If they do sell honey to the public, remember that it might be a long drive to get there! Some local brands also sell honey online from their own website along with propolis, beeswax, and royal jelly. We avoid buying supermarket honey due to the well-known conspiracy and controversy surrounding cheap Chinese ‘honey.’ In short, it’s easy to buy raw honey in South Africa.

How can I get raw, bulk honey from a supplier?

In our experience, online stores, and health shops do not stock or supply pure raw honey in bulk. At the most, individual units are potted in 1kg tubs max. This is obviously not practical or cost-effective for a wholesale buyer.

To buy bulk raw honey in South Africa, we suggest contacting the brand directly. It might also be worthwhile contacting local bee removal service providers for a referrral to someone closeby. This has worked for us. In bulk, raw honey for sale is typically packaged in 25kg+ plastic buckets.

Are South African raw honey products ‘certified’ or ‘accredited’?

South Africa does not have any formal or governmental certification or accreditation system for ‘raw honey.’ There is no raw honey certification, testing, labelling or similar regulation procedures available for bee farmers and honey suppliers in South Africa. The same goes other terms such as ‘organic’, ‘non-irradiated’, ‘un-heated,’ ‘non-pasteurized,’ etc. That said, some South African bee farms are regulated under international certifiers for these categories.