Imported Honey Sold in South Africa

Nov 24, 2020

You may be wanting to avoid imported honey brands for a number of reasons.

You’re either looking to support our local businesses and economy, or you have valid concerns on the possible health and ethical status of imported honey in general.

Whatever your reasons for avoiding imported honey, and choosing South African instead, this article is for you.

We have compiled a list of imported honey brands and products sold in the country. We also include brief details on the companies behind them and in which stores these imported brands are sold. The objective is to keep you and your family aware when out shopping.

Importantly, in no way do we imply that any of the brands listed on this page are guilty of fake honey, adulterated honey, mixing honey with sugar syrup, honey laundering, AFB, and any other disparaging accusation. We cannot imply that this is a list of list of ‘fake honey brands South Africa.’ All information presented on this page is found in the public domain and, in most cases, is taken directly from the website and/or packaging of the imported honey brand itself. We have simply compiled this information for the convenience of our readers.

Here’s the quick list:

  • Goldcrest Honey
  • Steinz Choice Grade Honey
  • Little Bee Honey
  • Lifemel Honey
  • Tahi Manuka Honey

Keep reading for more details on each.

List of Imported Honey & Brands Sold in South Africa (2021):

Goldcrest Honey

Made in China and/or India and/or Zambia and/or South Africa

Goldcrest Honey originates from Asia and Africa, including China. Their products are sold in a number of retail outlets locally, including Makro, Spar, Pick n Pay, Checkers, Clicks, and online via Takealot.

Steinz Choice Grade Honey

Made in China and/or Argentina and/or Australia and/or Zambia and/or South Africa

Whew! That’s a lot of countries!

Steinz Choice Grade Honey imports honey to South Africa from China, Argentina, Austria, Australia and Zambia. Their imported honey is then packed locally. You can find this information on their website.

Steinz imported honey is sold on Takealot in bulk. It is also sold via in loose and bulk case lots.

Little Bee Honey

Made in China and/or Uruguay and/or South Africa

Little Bee Honey is the brand of Highveld Honey Farms located in Benoni, Gauteng.

Despite being a local company using South African honey, their honey is also imported from China and Uruguay. This is stated on the packaging and on their website.

These imported honey products are sold at Dischem, Makro, Checkers, PnP, and Spar, among other major retail outlets in South Africa.

Lifemel Honey

Made in Israel

The LifeMel Honey brand is made in the State of Israel by Zuf Globus Laboratories Ltd.. Equilibrium Foods is the local distributor of this imported Israeli honey throughout Southern Africa.

LifeMel honey is sold on Takealot.

Tahi Manuka Honey

Made in New Zealand

All brands of manuka honey originate from either New Zealand or Australia, because of the Manuka tree being native to the region. Tahi is one of the very few Manuka brands which is imported and sold in South Africa.

Tahi Manuka Honey is available at Faithful to Nature.

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