Manuka Honey in South Africa – What You Should Know (2020)

Oct 4, 2020

Manuka Honey in South Africa – What You Should Know (2020)

Who doesn’t love honey?

It’s a delicious, healthier alternative to regular, store-bought sweets, and you can use it for face or hair masks too! And while regular honey is great on its own,

Manuka honey — a unique New Zealand type available in South Africa — is on a whole new level. With its numerous health benefits and antibacterial properties, Manuka honey is a product you (hopefully) won’t regret trying!

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What Is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is native to New Zealand, where bees pollinate manuka bushes. These bushes don’t grow just anywhere — they can usually be found in remote, untouched areas. Manuka blooms for only 2–6 weeks a year, which leaves a small window of opportunity to collect the honey.

Manuka honey is easily recognizable, mostly due to its thick consistency and dark color. Much like other honey types, it has a sweet, strong flavor that grows richer with time. You might feel slight bitterness or earthy aroma, which only adds to this honey’s exotic taste.

Is Manuka Honey Available in South Africa?


Manuka honey is available in South Africa – but be warned: stocks are very very limited (and very expensive).

Your best chance is purchasing it online from Faithful to Nature.

This is where we have purchased all our own Manuka honey from. If the actual honey is not stock, browse their manuka teas and topical skin care alternatives.

What is the Price of Manuka Honey in South Africa?

As of October 2020, the average Manuka Honey price in South Africa is R645 per 250g. Expect the pricing to vary based on availability, brand, UMF rating, and whether you’re purchasing online or in-store.

(The average costing is based on our own calculations of several retail products.)

Why Is Manuka Honey So Expensive?

If you compare the price of Manuka honey in South Africa to that of a regular, local one, you’ll notice a striking difference. Manuka honey is expensive — there are no two ways about it. But when you consider it’s numerous healing properties and health benefits, it becomes clear that this honey is like no other. And of course, the price reflects that.

In addition, Manuka bush is native only to New Zealand, where it blooms for 2-6 weeks a year. To make a single jar of honey, bees must take 22,700 trips to the bushes and gather the nectar. All of this traveling has to take place in as little as 14 days! As if that’s not enough, some Manuka flowers don’t have high enough concentrations of certain key components for making Manuka honey.

When you consider how much work it is to make even a single jar, it’s almost surprising that Manuka honey isn’t more expensive! Add to this the cost of SARS, importation, tax etc., and the price starts to make more sense.

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