What is the Price of Raw Honey in South Africa? (2020)

Oct 4, 2020

What is the Price of Raw Honey in South Africa?

According to our research of over xx retail products, the average price of raw honey in South Africa is Rxx per 250g packaging. And Rxx per 500g package. The average price of wholesale honey is R per kg.

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Most Expensive Honey

We found xx to be the most expesnive raw honey brand in South Africa. On average, their honey retails at. This is R25 higher than the secind most expesinve brand xxx. which goes 25 for 250g.

In terms of indiviudal products, xxx by xx is the most expensive single product. It sells at r400 more than the average.

Cheapest Honey

On the budget side of things, xxx is the cheapest raw honey brand. Their products retail at just Rxx per 250g.

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