Does Woolworths Sell Manuka Honey?

Sep 18, 2020

Does Woolworths sell Manuka Honey in South Africa?

No. Woolworths does not sell manuka honey in South Africa, neither in-stores or online.

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Note that Woolworths sells only local (i.e. South African) honey. This excludes Manuka Honey as the primary worldwide source is New Zealand and Australia. Additionally, Woolworths only sells honey that is certified as Badger Friendly by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). This excludes a number of overseas Manuka Honey suppliers because the EWT operates only in Southern Africa.

We don’t think this will change any time soon as Woolworths has sold only local honey since 2003.

As an alternative, you can purchase Manuka Honey and related Manuka products online from Faithful to Nature: View Manuka Honey products on Faithful to Nature. (Stocks are usually very limited.)

You can also learn more about Manuka Honey in South Africa.

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  1. RB

    Helpful, so where is it possible for me to purchase Manuka honey locally?


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